California Wildfires Are Bush Administrations Fault

We see California Wildfires today?

Where is FEMA, they ought to have known there may be fires in California later on. Clearly FEMA has no precious stone ball and the Bush Administration didn’t place in a demand for a gem ball or set up a group of mystics, according to Jesse Jackson’s arrangement; who may have utilized their supernatural powers and found the middle value of out the outcomes to stick point which states may have a fierce blaze.

Also President Bush is Personally liable For The Solar Flares as the Sun is Presently Off Cycle from its sunlight based least,

Which has warmed up the environment. Indeed, even the plate tectonics and mainland floats is out somewhat contrasted and logical Speculations of cycles. This obviously will be clearly George Walker Bush’s Fault truth be told he is by and by answerable for the entirety of this. Should we request a public statement of regret, somebody should be accused, George Bush is President thus he ought to be accused for the Sun’s action and the remainder of the Universe as well.

The Volcanic movement as of late in Mexico and the Earthquake in Peru are causing seismic action and this is causing volcanic action which makes smoke in the air and this is Bush’s Fault as well.

The 2005 Hurricane Season and the Typhoons as of late in Asia, that’s right, Bush’s deficiency. Many are presently requiring a Special Independent Impartial Federal Investigation led by The Honorable and Noble Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton with respect to why Bush permitted these cataclysmic events to occur and why he is permitting these flames and volcanoes to heave smoke and ask into the air, which hurt natural life; including yet not restricted to Elk, deer, spotted owls, desert turtles, imperiled rodents and Panda Bears in China.

I saw a guard sticker yesterday that said

“Don’t accuse me, I decided in favor of Kerry!” How right he is; we as a whole realize that had JF Kerry been chosen that he would have stopped this inefficiency of Continental Drift for the last time.John Kerry the brilliant star of the Democratic Party in the entirety of his granger would have diminished the Sun for us and quieted it down so it would not be so warm causing these California Wildfires. In the event that John Kerry and Edwards were chosen;

John 1 would have requested that Hurricane Katrina Stop and John 2 would have recorded a quit it on Hurricane Rita in a Court of Law.

John Edwards would have followed it up that with a Whopper of a claim in the event that Rita had endured and, at that point recorded Mold claims against property holders attempting to revamp their homes, for everyone’s benefit.It is Bush’s deficiency, we need him to let it be known on National TV and we need him to apologize for letting these Volcanoes, Earthquakes, out of control fires, Hurricanes, Typhoons, Tsunamis, Continental Drift, Ice Age, Solar Flares and Tornadoes at the present time. Think on it, after all it is all George Walker Bush’s flaw. Next time vote in favor of Democrats, as they guarantee to stop every one of these things by increasing government rates.